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Temperature Screening System


The Kaman Fluid Power Temperature Screening System is an imaging tool designed to detect skin temperature as a proxy. It locates the most reliable spot on the face for temperature measurement while promoting social distancing and self measurement.

This system includes a thermal imaging camera, two HMI screens mounted on a mobile stand with a protective shield at the front. The camera can detect temperature differences smaller than one degree from up to a five foot distance (6-10 foot distance for PLUS). The diagnostic software can model body temperature estimates based off camera images.


  • Automatic Alarm
  • Hot Spot Tracking
  • Intelligent Calibration
  • Customizable Alarm
  • Calibrated for Skin

System Includes:

  • Mobile Cart
  • Protective Shield
  • Operator HMI
  • Target Facing Display
  • Fixed Reference

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*Temperature screening devices are not available for export.

Temperature Screening System

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