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Kaman Fluid Power represents some of the highest-quality suppliers in the fluid power space. For more information on specific products that our brand partners produce, please browse the supplier resources library below.

AAA Products International


Anchor Fluid Power

Arrow Pneumatics

Aurora Air Products, Inc.

Canfield Connector

Custom Control Sensors


Delta Computer Systems

Dixon Valve & Coupling


Energy Manufacturing Company, Inc.




Flow Ezy Filters


Goodridge Fluid Transfer Systems



Ideal Tridon


Kuriyama of America


MTS Sensors



NewAge Industries


Parker Hannifin

Parker Accumulator Accessories Catalog
Parker Axial Piston Pump Catalog
Parker Ball and Plug Valves Catalog
Parker BMV Remote Controls Catalog
Parker Bodies and Cavities Catalog
Parker Boost Unit Catalog
Parker CAT 4690-MS-US Metal Hose Catalog
Parker Certifications for Global Requirements
Parker Check Valves Catalog
Parker Check Valves, Filters and Relief Valves Catalog
Parker Coils and Electronics Catalog
Parker Colorflow and Ball Valves Catalog
Parker Composite Sealing Systems Catalog
Parker Compressed Air and Gas Filters Brochure
Parker Compressed Air and Gas Filtration Products Catalog
Parker Condition Monitoring Catalog
Parker CP432 Tube and Pipe Bender Kit
Parker Cylinder Mounting Accessories Catalog
Parker Denison Hybrid Pumps Catalog
Parker Denison Vane Pumps Catalog
Parker Diaphragm Accumulators
Parker Directional Control Valve VP170
Parker Directional Controls Catalog
Parker DuraClean Hydraulic Fluid
Parker Filters for the Natural Gas Industry Catalog
Parker Finite HX Series High Efficiency Compressed Air Filters
Parker Fixed Displacement Gear Pumps Catalog
Parker Flow Controls Catalog
Parker Fluid Connectors Cut 250 Saw Maintenance Manual
Parker Fluid Connectors EXACTOL 400 Series Tube Benders
Parker Fluid Connectors Hydra-Tool Catalog
Parker Fluid Connectors Pipe Thread Assembly Guide
Parker Fluid Connectors Power Deburr Machine
Parker Fluid Connectors Principals of Tube Line Fabrication
Parker Fluid Power Seal Design Guide
Parker Fluoropolymer Extrusions Catalog
Parker Fluoropolymer Hose and Fittings Products
Parker Gas Bottles Catalog
Parker Gask-O-Seal and Integral Seal Design Handbook
Parker Georotor Pump and Motor Catalog
Parker Greer Bladder Accumulators
Parker Greer KleenVent KV Series Hydraulic Reservoir Isolators Catalog
Parker Greer SurgeKushons
Parker Gresen Hydraulic and Lube Filter Catalog
Parker High Pressure Filters Catalog
Parker HTR Hydraulic Rotary Actuators Maintenance Bulletin
Parker Hydraulic Accumulator Products and Accessories
Parker Hydraulic Axial Pump Motor Catalog
Parker Hydraulic Bankable Control Valve Catalog
Parker Hydraulic Cartridge Systems Catalog
Parker Hydraulic Filtration Handbook
Parker Hydraulic Motors and Pumps Catalog
Parker Hydraulic Piston Accumulators Maintenance Instructions
Parker Hydraulic Power Units Catalog
Parker Hydraulic Rotary Actuators Catalog

Parker Hydraulic Tube Bender Catalog
Parker Hydraulics Power Units Installation Manual
Parker Hydraulics PVP23 and PVP33 Variable Volume Piston Pump Service Bulletin
Parker Hydraulics PVP100 and PVP140 Variable Volume Piston Pump Service Bulletin
Parker Hyferset Hydraulic Presetting Tool
Parker Icount PD Online Particle Detector
Parker icountMS Range Moisture Sensors
Parker Industrial Cylinder Product Catalog
Parker Industrial Hose
Parker Industrial Tube Fittings, Adapters and Equipment Guide
Parker Industry-Leading Experience and Capabilities
Parker Inline Pulse-Tone Hydraulic Shock Suppressors Catalog
Parker inPHorm Software
Parker Instrumentation Analyzer Pressure Regulation and Vent Recovery System
Parker Instrumentation Fitting and Tubing Assembly Instructions
Parker Instrumentation Fittings, Materials and Tubing Guide
Parker Instrumentation Intra-Flow Compliant Modular System
Parker Instrumentation Medium Pressure Fittings and Valves
Parker KarryFlare Portable Flaring Device for Triple-Lok
Parker Load and Motor Controls Catalog
Parker Load-Sense Control Valve Catalog
Parker Logic Elements Catalog
Parker Manual Valves Catalog
Parker Miller Air Valves Catalog
Parker Miller AV Series Heavy Duty Air Cylinders
Parker Miller Stainless Steel Air Cylinders Catalog
Parker Miller Tru-SEal Pipe Thread Sealing Nuts Catalog
Parker Miniature Diaphragm Pumps Catalog
Parker Miniature Electronic Pressure Controllers Catalog
Parker Miniature Multimedia Valves Catalog
Parker Miniature Proportional Valves Catalog
Parker Miniature Solenoid Valves Catalog
Parker Mobile Accessory Valves Catalog
Parker Mobile Directional Control Valve Catalog F130
Parker Mobile Directional Control Valve Catalog HV08
Parker Mobile Directional Control Valve Catalog K170LS
Parker Mobile Directional Control Valve Catalog K220LS
Parker Mobile Directional Control Valve Catalog L90LS
Parker Mobile Directional Control Valve Catalog M250LS
Parker Mobile Hydraulic Valves – Enbloc Directional Control Valves
Parker Mobile Hydraulic Valves – Mobile Motion Control Valves Catalog
Parker Mobile Hydraulic Valves – Proportional Valve Systems 2
Parker Mobile Hydraulic Valves – Proportional Valve Systems
Parker Mobile Valves Accessories Catalog
Parker Nichols Portland Georotors
Parker Offer of Sale
Parker Oil Coolers for Temperature Optimization in Hydraulic Systems
Parker Open-Center Directional Control Valve Catalog V20EH
Parker Open-Center Directional Control Valve VG35EH
Parker Open-Center Directional Control Valve VO40
Parker P1 PD Series Medium Pressure Axial Piston Pumps
Parker P2 and P3 Series Piston Pumps Catalog
Parker Parflange 1025
Parker PAVC Medium Pressure Super Charged Piston Pumps Catalog
Parker PGP and PGM 300 Series Cast Iron Brushing Design Catalog

Parker PGP and PGM 500 Series Gear Pumps and Motors Catalog
Parker PGP and PGM 600 Series Gear Pumps and Motors Catalog
Parker Pioneer Quick Coupling Products
Parker Piston Accumulators Catalog
Parker Portable Filter Carts
Parker Premier Series High Pressure Performance Piston Pumps
Parker Pump and Motor Catalog
Parker PVP Series Variable Volume Piston Pumps Catalog
Parker Quick Coupling Products and Custom Capabilities Catalog
Parker Quick Coupling Products Catalog
Parker Racor 700 Series Fuel Filter Water Separators
Parker Racor 800-D-5REC-D Portable Filter Buggy
Parker Racor Absolute Bypass Kits
Parker Racor Additives Catalog
Parker Racor AFCS Series Heavy Duty Dynamic Precleaner
Parker Racor Air Filtration Catalog
Parker Racor Alternative Fuel Catalog
Parker Racor Contamination Detection Systems Catalog
Parker Racor Crankcase Filtration Catalog
Parker Racor ECO-BC Replacement Intake Air Filter
Parker Racor Electronic Water Detection Systems
Parker Racor Fuel Filtration History
Parker Racor Gasoline Fuel Filters
Parker Racor Heaters Catalog
Parker Racor Heaters
Parker Racor Hydraulic Filtration Catalog
Parker Racor Hydrocarbon Filtration Catalog
Parker Racor Lubrication Filtration Catalog
Parker Racor Marine Filtration Systems
Parker Racor Mobile Fuel Filtration Catalog
Parker Racor PFF50216 GM Duramax Replacement Fuel Filter
Parker Racor Power Generation Filtration Solutions
Parker Racor RFF Series Fuel Filter Funnels
Parker Racor Sentinel Systems Catalog
Parker Racor Spin-On Coolant Filters
Parker Racor Transmission Filtration Catalog
Parker Racor Turbine Series
Parker Racor Village Marine Tec Catalog
Parker RGX Series SCBA Couplings
Parker SBA Accumulator Safety Blocks Catalog
Parker SCLSD Operating Manual
Parker Seal-Lok Fittings Assembly Guide
Parker Seal-Lok Fittings Brazing and Assembly Guide
Parker Selecting and Applying Accumulators
Parker SensoControl Diagnostic Products
Parker SensoControl Industrial Products Catalog
Parker Solutions for Mobile Applications
Parker Solutions for Oil, Gas and Power Generation
Parker Temperature Switch Operating Manual
Parker Thermoplastic Hoses for Oil and Gas Industry Catalog
Parker Thermoplastic Hoses for Ultra High Pressure
Parker Transair Advanced Air Pipe Systems Catalog
Parker Tube Prep Center TP1025
Parker Water and Beverage Connectors Catalog



Schrader Bellows


Spartan Scientific