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Parker Tracking System

Increasing the speed, timing, and accuracy of your next service event.

Parker Tracking System (PTS) is an innovative component-tagging and asset management solution offered by Parker. Today’s equipment and machines are more connected than ever before and harnessing this complex data is key to maximizing up-time. By focusing on critical-wear components, Parker drives new levels of productivity, efficiency, and reliability.

What is PTS?

Parker Tracking System (PTS) is a comprehensive asset management solution featuring state-of-the-art component-tagging technology to help you stay better connected to equipment and machinery. Our easy-to-use platform allows you to record, manage and retrieve product information fast and accurately. Through a global network of service partners and OEMs across more than 50 countries, PTS ensures you get the replacement parts you need to drive productivity, efficiency and reliability.

  • Fast:Identify and replace products faster
  • Easy:Clear markings and global service partners deliver a seamless experience
  • Exact:PTS details eliminate product identification guesswork that can lead to poor performance or delays

PTS Mobile

PTS Mobile is a free application available for download on Apple and Android devices. With PTS Mobile, scan the barcode of any PTS tag to view product information and order the exact replacement from the nearest distributor.

Parker PTS

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Parker PTS

PTS Mobile App

Uptime is everything, so Parker's all-new PTS Mobile App is the perfect job site companion. Now you can access and manage PTS assets right from your smartphone.

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PTS Mobile is available for download to Apple and Android devices. This free application from Parker makes it faster and easier than ever before to accurately order the replacement hoses and other components that you need. PTS Mobile can also be paired with other applications to provide a complete asset management solution for your operation.

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