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Parker Hydraulic Cylinder

With more than 100 years of cylinder design and manufacturing experience, Parker offers a three-day shipping program that includes key cylinder features and options that are most frequently used in the markets we serve. Customers will find more options in our program than any other cylinder shipping program in the industry.

We realize that you cannot afford to wait for an overdue product delivery. That is why we offer three-day shipping for standard NFPA tie rod hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders.


Cylinders Included in 3-Day Shipping Program:

Parker Series Offering 2A, 2H Gen II, 3L
Bore Sizes From 1” to 6”
Strokes Up to 84”
Rod End Single Rod End
Rod End Styles Style 4, Style 42, Style 8, Style 82, Style 7 (SB), Style 9, Style 55 and Metric
Rod Diameters From .625" to 2.5" – Standard and one size over
Mounts BB, C, D, DB, DD, H, HB, HH, J, JB, JJ, SB, T, TB, TC, TD
Standard Porting SAE & NPTF
Seals Standard Sealing
Cushions Standard Cushions
Options Air Bleeds, Undersized Oversized Ports, Port Relocation, Extra Wrench Flats, Position Sensing Switches - ALS (Standard) or Prep, Extra Rod Projection


Three-Day Cylinder Shipping Program

  • Orders must be received before 3:00 PM within your time zone (EST, CST, MST, PST).
  • Orders will be processed and shipped three business days after order entry.
  • All orders are drop- shipped to your location.
  • We reserve the right to proactively request an alternate ship date.


Contact your Kaman Fluid Power representative for a list of complete terms and conditions.


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