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Not All ORFS Fittings Are Created Equal

When it comes to connection reliability, not all connections are created equal. It's well known that O-ring Face Seal fitting connections produce the most reliable leak-free connections. However, not all ORFS fittings are created equal. Parker has created many enhancements to the ORFS design that has taken this reliable connection to the next level.

Seal-LokTM ORFS Fitting for every Application

From precision-engineered O-ring face seal tube fittings and adapters to time-saving tube fabrication equipment, Parker delivers reliable solutions to a diverse range of industries and applications.

From construction and agriculture to CNG and power generation, Parker's precision-engineered Seal-Lok ORFS tube fittings and adapters deliver reliable solutions to a diverse range of industries and applications.

All applications come with different needs and challenges, from high pressures and vibration to corrosive environments. Seal-Lok ORFS fittings and adapters are engineered and manufactured with innovative enhancements that create the most reliable leak-free connections on the market. With innovative seals that prevent O-ring fallout and pinch and can withstand extreme temperatures to plating that protects against corrosion longer than any competitive fitting in the industry, Parker is providing unmatched value and performance for our customer's demanding applications even in the harshest environments.

Parker ORFS

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Parker ORFS

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