Dixon’s ADS Industrial Fluid Controls

Dixon’s ADS Industrial Fluid Control products feature sensor technology for overfill protection when loading hazardous or non-hazardous liquids into cargo tanks, railcars and storage tanks.

Standard units are readily available. Dixon offers numerous applications, materials, and custom designs.

Key Features:

  • Instrumentation designed specifically for liquid terminal operation, open and closed dome.
  • Level probes up to 96" long. Adjustable insertion length with laser engraved scales.
  • Intrinsically safe for the most hazardous areas.
  • Heavy-duty stainless-steel interlocking armor probe to monitor cables.
  • Rugged solid-state level sensor. Vapor tight connections, variable insertion, no moving parts.
  • Fail-safe designs.
  • Self-test feature permits testing the entire system before loading.
Dixon ADS

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