Canfield Connector EiS Electronic Inclinometer Sensor

The Canfield Connector Electronic Inclinometer Sensor, EiS, is an instrument designed to measure angles of slope, tilt, or elevation of an object with respect to gravity based on an artificial horizon. As the market continues to become smarter and faster, the new EIS Inclinometer product fills many needs where the location of a moving piece of equipment is required to be monitored for movement.

The EiS will provide intelligence to the moving parts of machines to allow the user to monitor angle as compared to the horizon. This information is gathered to ensure safety and monitor the performance of machine parts that need to stay in a particular location window. The EiS an accuracy +/- 0.3°.

Each inclinometer is built and manufactured here in the United States out of Canfield Connector's factory on Youngstown, Ohio. Each inclinometer goes through a rigorous and extensive testing process.

Inclinometers are commonly used for:

  • Indicating a deviation from the true vertical or horizontal or to alert an equipment operator if a machine may tip over.
  • Adjusting a solar panel to the optimal angle so as to capitalize on its output.
  • Measuring movements in walls or the ground in civil engineering projects.
Canfield Connector Electronic Inclinometer Sensor EiS

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