This is Power Team


From inflatable jacks, hydraulic pumps, cylinders and valves to clamping components and hydraulic accessories, Power Team brand high-force tools and equipment are used wherever strong, concentrated force is required ― on construction sites, in power plants, on rail lines, in shipyards, in mining operations and more.     

Battery Pump Offers Remote Lifting / Lowering Applications

Power Team battery powered hydraulic pump offers portable solutions to in-plant and remote locations. The 18V Lithium-Ion 9-amp hour battery provides extended run-time at 10,000psi rated pressure. Self-contained bladder reservoir enables horizontal and vertical application with hand or foot pendant operation.

Inflatable Jacks for Industrial Applications

Power Team inflatable jacks offer one ton up to 75 tons lifting capacity across a range of intermediate sizes. Collapsed height is 1” or less and inflated heights range from 3.1” up to 20.5”. Horizontal surfaces feature interlocking pattern and non-conducting material. Standard shop air and controller is required.

SlimLine Torque Wrench

Bolting Systems TWSL series SlimLine hydraulic torque wrenches are engineered for tight applications with minimal clearance. The sturdy steel body construction features corrosion resistance surface and a multi-axis swivel manifold for maximum position flexibility. Eight different link options are available with torque capability up to 4,200 lb.-ft.





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