Puerto Rico Strong

Kaman Fluid Power Employees Remain Optimistic Through the Devastation


Puerto Rico
Lines for gas near Kaman Fluid Power in Gurabo, Puerto Rico.

Puerto Rico was hit by not only one, but two major hurricanes within the span of a couple of weeks. The island has been without full power for several weeks and some parts of the island are not expected to regain power until the spring. The infrastructure of Puerto Rico has been nearly destroyed. We are glad to report that all of our employees in Puerto Rico are safe, but like everyone else on the island, there are still daily struggles. Menial tasks such as getting gas, getting to work or finding fresh water has become a chore. There are lines everywhere you go of people waiting just to get their daily errands done and in some lines the wait can take hours. “It makes you realize that you take some things for granted, like when you come home and click a button to open the garage and there’s light and power at your house like it will be there forever,” said Edwin Rodriguez, “It makes you grateful for the things you still have like your family, your job and your community.”

Hurricane Maria may have left the island of Puerto Rico devastated, but not hopeless. The citizens are coming together to make Puerto Rico feel like home again, and the Kaman Fluid Power Inrumec team is more than happy to help. “From what I have seen there are a lot of good attitudes from the employees despite the situation that everyone has going on in their personal lives. Our store hours are until 4:30 but the team has stayed for as long as they’ve needed to help customers solve issues and they love to do it,” said Rodriguez. With limited supplies many companies on the island are in need of parts to get back up and running and they have been turning to the KDP INRUMEC team for parts. “We have helped a lot of important businesses get up and running”, said Peter Plewina. “Take for example Wal-Mart, they have been coming by to pick up hoses to transfer diesel to their generators to get the store up and running.”

“It makes you grateful for the things you still have like your family, your job and your community.”


— Edwin Rodriguez, Kaman Fluid Power


Over the past few weeks there have been more instances where other large companies have needed hose to keep their generators running in order to keep their business going. Some even went as far as to travel to another location to get product. “One situation that was really special to me was when a contractor from K-Mart stopped by our store because he needed hose to transfer diesel to generators and our Mayaguez store didn’t have all of the quantity they needed. The contractor traveled from Mayaguez to Guarabo, which is nearly a two hour drive. We waited for them until they were able to arrive to Guarabo to get them the hoses they needed,” said Plewina.

Kaman was able to source and ship generators for, not only the branches, but employees as well. They were able to get there in a time when they were needed most. According to Plewina, “Many of the employees recognize that Kaman is a very good company to work for. The support from Kaman during those weeks has been great and people appreciate that,”


Despite the tragic devastation, the Kaman Fluid Power employees have been hard at work trying to get Puerto Rico back on its feet. As said by Rodriguez, “You have to love where you live and have pride for your country to stay after devastation like this. We love to live here and we believe that we can be the force to make the change that the island needs.” With all four of the facilities up and running, Kaman Fluid Power is able to provide necessary equipment to companies and citizens alike.

“It is bringing opportunities to not only our customers but us as well. We have helped Goya with their generators and several times they went to the store for filtration products, hoses and connectors. They needed solutions to get their plant up and running and we were able to help.”--Edwin

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