Premium Efficiency Motors

1-500 HP; 1200-3600 RPM;Dripproof, TENV, or TEFC; 200-460 Volts; Three Phase

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  • Product Variations

    Bold items are most common and readily available. Click on part number for details
    Part # Availability Price
    182TTDW6030 Backordered $462.10
    184TTDW6031 Backordered $506.04
    056T34F5940 Backordered $615.86
    145TTFR6078 Backordered $546.81
    143TTFR5582 Backordered $443.52
    182TTFW6076 Backordered $602.10
    145TTFR3002 Backordered $490.92
    184TTFW6076 Backordered $690.20
    182TTFW6001 Backordered $636.12
    182TTFW6026 Backordered $640.98
    213TTFW6076 Backordered $842.08
    184TTFW6001 Backordered $737.58
    184TTFW6026 Backordered $702.95
    215TTFW6076 Backordered $1,083.89
    213TTFW6001 Backordered $906.48
    215TTFW6001 Backordered $1,006.73
    215TTFW6026 Backordered $987.90
    254TTFNA6026 Backordered $1,370.67
    256TTFNA6026 Backordered $1,707.86
    284TTFNA6026 Backordered $2,032.91
  • Product Details

    Marathon's XRI Premium Efficiency motors are designed to conserve energy over extended time periods. These premium efficiency designs are available in both Totally Enclosed Fan Cooled and Open Drip Proof construction.

  • Product Resources

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