Pump Motors

1/6-500 HP; 850-3600 RPM; Dripproof, TEFC, or TENV; 110-460 Volts; Split Phase, Capacitor Start, Permanent Split Capacitor, Polyphase, or Three Phase

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    Department: Electro-Mechanical
    Product Type: Motors
    Product Sub-Type: AC Motors
    Product: Pump Motors
    1- Base Type: C-Face Square Flange


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    Part # Availability Price
    184TTDW8329 Backordered $404.25
    5K48JN2615 Backordered $216.00
    5K48NN2566 Backordered $285.12
    5K49FN2613 Backordered $181.44
    5K49GN2614 Backordered $198.00
    5K49KN2567 Backordered $249.84
    5K49TN2568 Backordered $354.24
    5KCR38SN6147X Backordered $182.88
    5KCR39UN6148X Backordered $199.44
    5KCR39UN6190X Backordered $244.08
    5KCR48PN2112X Backordered $237.60
    5KCR48UN2492X Backordered $286.56
    5KCR48UN2493X Backordered $234.72
    5KCR48UN2494X Backordered $269.28
    5KCR48UN2496X Backordered $251.28
    5KCR49SN2095X Backordered $289.44
    5KCR49UN2096X Backordered $324.00
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  • Product Details

    Marathon's pump line of motors includes single or three phase jet pump motors, square flange motors, close-coupled pump motors, and P-Base vertical solid shaft pump motors. The motors are stocked in totally enclosed fan cooled, open drip proof, and many explosion Proof Motors.

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