821FR Series

Push-Lok Low Pressure Rubber Fire Resistant Cover Multipurpose Hose

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    Department: Pneumatics
    Product Type: Air Line Accessories
    Product Sub-Type: Hose
    Product: 821FR Series


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    Part # Availability Price
    821FR-4-BLK 1874 In Stock $6.00
    821FR-4-BLU 3075 In Stock $3.49
    821FR-4-BRN 955 In Stock $3.49
    821FR-4-GRN 672 In Stock $3.49
    821FR-4-WHT 360 In Stock $3.49
    821FR-6-BLK 1275 In Stock $6.32
    821FR-6-BLU 712 In Stock $3.68
    821FR-6-BRN 1101 In Stock $3.68
    821FR-6-GRN 1697 In Stock $3.68
    821FR-6-WHT 59 In Stock $3.68
    821FR-8-BLK 2725 In Stock $4.05
    821FR-8-BLU 1601 In Stock $4.05
    821FR-8-BRN Backordered $4.05
    821FR-8-GRN 842 In Stock $4.05
    821FR-8-WHT 535 In Stock $4.05
    821FR-12-BLK 295 In Stock $7.13
    821FR-12-BLU 325 In Stock $7.13
    821FR-12-BRN 79 In Stock $7.13
    821FR-12-GRN 612 In Stock $7.13
    821FR-12-WHT Backordered $12.24
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  • Product Details

    Low pressure pneumatic/hydraulic hose for use with petroleum base hydraulic fluids and lubricating oils and anitfreeze solutions. Inner Tube: PKR rubber. Reinforcement: One fiber braid. Cover: Fire resistant fiber braid

    Application: Multipurpose
    Specific Application: Pneumatic, petroleum base hydraulic fluid, lubricating oils and antifreeze solutions
    Distinct Properties: Fire Resistant Cover
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