8177000 - PMCtendo SZ

Nominal Voltage: 4.56 A, Motor Size: 41

Part #: 8177000
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PMCtendo SZ

Pilz International: PMCtendo SZ: Nominal Voltage: 4.56 A, Motor Size: 41
PMCtendo AC servo motors are available for a large torque range and in various speeds. 
PMCtendo SZ.41/0/1/2/7/K/H/60/00

Pilz Name: PMCtendo SZ.41/0/1/2/7/K/H/60/00
Nominal Voltage: 4.56 A
Motor Size: 41
Product Sub-Type: Motors
Rated Voltage: 400 V
Approvals: CE
Gross Weight: 5400 G
Net Weight: 4000 G
Protection Type; Housing: IP56
Product Version: 1
Flange Dimension: 98 MM
Standstill Torque: 2.80 Nm
Rated Load Torque: 2.30 Nm
Peak Torque: 8.50 Nm
Standstill Current: 5.63 A
Moment of Intertia: 0.93 kgcm^2
Brake: No
Motor Feedback: 1 = ENDat2.2 Inductive Single Turn
Motor Contecction: Angled Swivel Connector
External Cooling: 0 = Convection
Connection Direction: To A-end
Type of Motor Shaft: Without Feather Key
Shaft Length: 30 MM
Overall Motor Length: 119 MM
Centering Diameter: 95 MM
Pitch Circle Diameter: 115 MM
Number of Poles: 14
Peak Current: 33.00 A
Rated Speed (RPM): 6000 RPM
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