6383 60 00WP2 - LIQUIfit 6383 - Inch

Plug-in Run Tee - Push-in Water & Beverage Fitting

Part #: 6383 60 00WP2
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LIQUIfit 6383 - Inch

Parker/Legris LIQUIfit Series Plug-in Run Tee offers an “eco-designed” innovative push-to-connect alternative for water and beverage applications; no fluid contamination occurs and environmental protection is guaranteed. Patented sealing technology 100% leak-tested in production.

Outer Diameter 1: 3/8 Inch
Outer Diameter 2: 3/8 Inch
Material: Polypropylene
Trade Name: LIQUIfit
Series: LIQUIfit
Configuration Type: Tube to Tube
Configuration Sub-Type: Plug-in Run Tee
Outer Diameter 2 Inch/mm: Inch
Outer Diameter 1 Inch/mm: Inch
Inch/Metric: Inch
Pressure Range: Up to 230 psi
Parker Division: Fluid Systems Connector (Brass Products)
Operating Temperature: -14˚ to 200˚F
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