2862592 - Phoenix Contact I/O Module

I/O module Inline Block I/O digital input/output module, CANopen, 16 inputs, 24 V DC, 2, 3-wire connection technology, 16 outputs, 24 V DC, 500 mA, 2, 3-wire connection technology

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Phoenix Contact I/O Module

Connection: 2, 3-wire Connection Technology
Input: 16
Output Current: 500 mA
Output: 16
Input Voltage: 24 VDC
Output Voltage: 24 VDC
Module Type: Digital Input/Output Module
Designation: CANopen
Product Type: I/O Module
  • Digital inputs
    Connection method: Spring-cage connection
    Connection method: 2, 3-wire
    Description of the input: EN 61131-2 type 1
    Input name: Digital inputs
    Input voltage: 24 V DC
    Input voltage range "0" signal: -30 V DC ... 5 V DC
    Input voltage range "1" signal: 15 V DC ... 30 V DC
    Nominal input current at U<sub>IN</sub>: 5 mA
    Number of inputs: 16
    Protective circuit: Short-circuit protection, overload protection of the sensor supply
    Typical response time: Approx. 500 µs
  • Digital outputs
    Connection method: Spring-cage connection
    Connection method: 2, 3-wire
    Maximum output current per channel: 500 mA
    Maximum output current per module: 8 A
    Maximum output current per module / terminal block: 8 A
    Nominal load, inductive: 12 VA
    Nominal load, lamp: 12 W
    Nominal load, ohmic: 12 W
    Nominal output voltage: 24 V DC
    Number of outputs: 16
    Output name: Digital outputs
    Output voltage: 24 V DC
    Protective circuit: Short-circuit and overload protection
  • General data
    Air pressure (operation): 80 kPa ... 108 kPa (up to 2000 m above mean sea level)
    Air pressure (storage/transport): 66 kPa ... 108 kPa (up to 3500 m above mean sea level)
    Ambient temperature (operation): -25 °C ... 60 °C
    Ambient temperature (storage/transport): -25 °C ... 85 °C
    Conformance with EMC directives: EN 55011:1998+A1:1999 Class A
    Degree of protection: IP20
    Depth: 57 mm
    Height: 141 mm
    Mechanical tests: Vibration (operation) in acc. with IEC 60068-2-6:1982 5g
    Mechanical tests: Shock test in acc. with IEC 60068-2-27 25g
    Mounting type: DIN rail
    Noise emission: Industrial environment
    Note on dimensions: Specfications with male connectors
    Note on weight specifications: with male connectors
    Permissible humidity (operation): 85 % (no condensation)
    Permissible humidity (storage/transport): 95 % (no condensation)
    Test section: I/Os / logic 500 V AC 50 Hz 1 min
    Test section: I/Os / FE 500 V AC 50 Hz 1 min
    Test section: Logic / FE 500 V AC 50 Hz 1 min
    Weight: 500 g
    Width: 156 mm
  • Interface
    Connection method: D-SUB-9 female connector
    Fieldbus system: CANopen
    Name: CANopen
    Number of positions: 9
    Transmission speed: 10 kbaud to 1 Mbaud and autobaud
    Transmission speed: 10 kBit/s ... 1 MBit/s
  • Power supply for module electronics
    Current consumption: Approx. 25 mA
    Supply current: 25 mA
    Supply voltage: 24 V DC
    Supply voltage range: 19.2 V DC ... 30 V DC (including all tolerances, including ripple)
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