2861962 - Phoenix Contact Bus Coupler

Bus coupler INTERBUS branch terminal block, 2MBD, with accessories, with remote bus branch, 24 V DC

Part #: 2861962
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Phoenix Contact Bus Coupler

Terminal Type: INTERBUS Branch Terminal Block
Nominal Voltage: 24 VDC
Includes: Accessories, Remote Bus Branch
Product Type: Bus Coupler
  • Inline potential routing
    Communications power U<sub>L</sub>: 7.5 V DC ±5%
    Current consumption from U<sub>ANA</sub>: Typ. 29 mA
    I/O supply voltage U<sub>ANA</sub>: 24 V DC -15% / +20%
    Main circuit supply U<sub>M</sub>: 24 V DC -15% / +20% (in acc. with EN 61131-2)
  • Interface
    Connection method: Inline data jumper
    Connection method: Inline shield connector
    Fieldbus system: Lokalbus
    Fieldbus system: INTERBUS
    Name: Local bus
    Name: INTERBUS remote bus branch
    Transmission physics: Copper
    Transmission physics: RS-485
    Transmission speed: 2 MBit/s
    Transmission speed: 2 MBit/s
  • Power supply for module electronics
    Supply voltage: 24 V DC (via voltage jumper)
    Supply voltage range: 19.2 V DC ... 30 V DC (including all tolerances, including ripple)
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