2861768 - Phoenix Contact Inline Terminal

Inline function terminal Inline measurement terminal block for position encoder, complete with accessories (connector and labeling field), 1 input for inductive length measuring scales with the impulse interface (P interface)

Part #: 2861768
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Phoenix Contact Inline Terminal

Includes: Connector and Labeling Field
Terminal Type: Inline Measurement Terminal Block
Input: 1 for Inductive Length Measuring Scales
Panel Components Products: Terminal Blocks
Control Technology Products: Terminal Blocks
Product Type: Inline Terminal
  • General data
    Depth: 71.5 mm
    Height: 136 mm
    Weight: 71 g
    Width: 12.2 mm
  • Inline potential routing
    Communications power U<sub>L</sub>: 7.5 V
    Current consumption from U<sub>L</sub>: max. 70 mA
    Current consumption from U<sub>M</sub>: max. 250 mA (Short-circuit and overload protection)
    Main circuit supply U<sub>M</sub>: Typ. 24 V DC
  • Inputs
    Common mode voltage range signal - ground: -10 V ... 13.2 V
    Length measuring range: > 0 mm ... 3850 mm (Resolution: 5 µm)
    Type of connection of signals: INIT, /INIT, START-STOP, /START-STOP
    Ultra-sound speed (gradient): 2500.00 m/s ... 2999.99 m/s (Firmware 1.22 and higher)
    Ultra-sound speed (gradient): 2750.00 m/s ... 2898.00 m/s (Firmware 1.21 and higher)
  • Interfaces
    Connection method: Inline data jumper
    Interface: Local bus
  • Power supply
    Drawing encoder supply voltage: Main circuit U<sub>M</sub>
    Encoder supply current: max. 250 mA
    Encoder supply voltage: 24 V
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