2804319 - Phoenix Contact Surge Protection Replacement Module

Type 2 surge protection replacement module Replacement module, 200 kA surge protection, 480 V Delta system

Part #: 2804319
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Phoenix Contact Surge Protection Replacement Module

Module Type: Replacement Module
Connection: Screw Terminal Blocks
Surge Protection: 200 kA
Product Type: Surge Protection Replacement Module
  • Connection, protective circuit
    Conductor cross section AWG/kcmil max: 2
    Conductor cross section AWG/kcmil min.: 10
    Connection method: Screw terminal blocks
    Tightening torque: 4 Nm
  • NEMA / UL data
    Maximum Surge Current per Phase: 200 kA
  • Protective circuit
    Arrester rated voltage U<sub>C</sub>: 640 V
    Response time: < 1 ns
  • Standards
    Altitude: 3658 m
    Ambient temperature (operation): -40 °C ... 60 °C
    Ambient temperature (storage/transport): -40 °C ... 85 °C
    Direction of action: 3L-N & N-GND
    NEMA power supply system: 480 V Delta
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