2800177 - Phoenix Contact Surge Protection Device

Type 2 surge protection device Surge arrester for 2-pos. isolated DC voltage systems 1000 V DC, for DIN rail mounting, 3-pos. base element, three pluggable temperature-monitored protective elements, for PE free of leakage current, status message on each connector.

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Phoenix Contact Surge Protection Device

Color: Black
Material: PBT, PA
Type: 2, DIN Rail Module
Positions: 3
Protection Level: IP20
Connection: Screw Connection, Biconnect Terminal Block
Connecting Thread: M5
Product Type: Surge Protection Device
  • Protective circuit
    Arrester rated voltage U<sub>C</sub>: 1000 V DC
    EN type: T2
    Ground conductor current I<sub>PE</sub>: ? 1 µA
    IEC category: II
    IEC category: T2
    Max. discharge surge current Imax (8/20) µs: 30 kA
    Nominal discharge surge current I<sub>n</sub> (8/20) µs: 15 kA
    Nominal load current I<sub>L</sub>: ? 80 A DC
    Protection level Up (L+) - (L-): ? 5 kV
    Protection level UP (L+/L-) - PE: ? 3 kV
    Residual voltage (L+) - (L-): ? 5 kV
    Residual voltage (L+) - (L-): ? 4.5 kV (at 10 kA)
    Residual voltage (L+) - (L-): ? 4 kV (at 5 kA)
    Residual voltage (L+/L-) - PE: ? 3 kV
    Residual voltage (L+/L-) - PE: ? 2.5 kV (at 10 kA)
    Residual voltage (L+/L-) - PE: ? 2 kV (at 5 kA)
    Standby power consumption P<sub>C</sub>: ? 1 mVA
  • Standards
    Ambient temperature (operation): -40 °C ... 80 °C
    Color: black
    Degree of protection: IP20
    Depth: 65.5 mm
    Design: DIN rail module, two-section, divisible
    Direction of action: (L+)-PE & (L-)-PE & (L+)-(L-)
    Height: 90 mm
    Housing material: PBT / PA
    Inflammability class according to UL 94: V0
    Message: Surge protection fault: Optical
    Mounting type: DIN rail: 35 mm
    Number of positions: 3
    Pitch unit: 3 Div.
    Standards for air and creepage distances: DIN EN 60664-1
    Standards for air and creepage distances: DIN EN 61643-11
    Standards/regulations: DIN EN 61643-11 2002
    Standards/regulations: IEC 61643-1 2005
    Standards/regulations: IEC 60364-7-712 2002
    Width: 53.4 mm
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