2744322 - Phoenix Contact Assembled Cable

FO cable Polymer fiber cable, duplex, 980 µm/1000 µm, heavy version for permanent indoor installation, sold by the meter without connectors

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Phoenix Contact Assembled Cable

Cable Type: Fiber Optic Cable, Polymer Fiber Cable
Includes: No Connector
Used For: Permanent Indoor Installation
Version: Heavy Version
Fiber: Polymer, 980/1000 µm
Product Type: Assembled Cable
  • Electrical characteristics
    Number of positions: 2
  • Line characteristics
    Cable abbreviation: J-V11Y 4Y2P 980/1000 160A 10
    cable layer type: Indoors
    Cable type: Polymer fiber
    Cable weight: 54 kg/km
    Cable, attenuation: 230 dB/km (at 660 nm)
    External cable diameter: 8 mm
    External sheath, color: red
    Impact strength: 2 Nm / 10 x
    Lateral pressure short term: 300 N/cm
    Lateral pressure, long-term: 20 N/cm
    Length of cable: Free input (0.4 ... 100 m)
    Outer sheath, material: PUR
    Strain relief elements, external sheath: Non-metallic, aramide fiber
    Tensile strength short-term/long-term: 1000 N / 100 N
    Wire colors: black/orange
  • Material data
    External sheath, color: red
    Outer sheath, material: PUR
  • Mechanical characteristics
    Ambient temperature (operation): -20 °C ... 70 °C
    Ambient temperature (storage/transport): -40 °C ... 80 °C
    Cable diameter: 8 mm
    Fiber: Polymer fiber, 980/1000 µm
    Number of positions: 2
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