2700138 - Phoenix Contact Acoustic Element

Acoustic element Siren element, 8 tones, 24 V AC/DC, max. 100 dB(A), tones can be selected via the DIP switch, black

Part #: 2700138
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Phoenix Contact Acoustic Element

Color: Black
Type: Siren Element
Input Voltage: 24 V AC/DC
Acoustic Signal: 8 Tones, can be selected via the Dip Switch
Volume: max. 100 dB
Product Type: Acoustic Element
  • Electrical data
    Current consumption: 80 mA
    Input voltage: 24 V AC/DC
    Maximum inrush current: max. 500 mA
    Operating time: 100 %
    Service life, electrical: min. 5,000 h
    Signal frequency: Approx. 1 Hz (Pulse tone)
    Signal frequency: Approx. 20 Hz (Trill tone)
    Signal frequency: Approx. 420 Hz (Hum tone)
    Tone frequency: Approx. 1.6 kHz
    Tone frequency: Approx. 3.4 kHz
    Type of acoustic signal: 8 tones, adjustable volume
    Volume: max. 100 dB(A) (for continuous and pulse tone of 3.4 kHz)
  • General data
    Ambient temperature (operation): -20 °C ... 50 °C
    Color: black
    Degree of protection: IP65, when installed
    Diameter: 70 mm
    Height: 72 mm
    Material: Polycarbonate PC
    Mounting position: Any
    Weight: 81 g
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