2322456 - Phoenix Contact Front Adapters

Front adapters VIP VARIOFACE front adapter, with connected system cables for SMATIC S7-300, 1 x 32 channels can be connected, cable length: 1 m

Part #: 2322456
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Phoenix Contact Front Adapters

Cable Length: 1.0 M
Type: VIP VARIOFACE Front Adapter
Includes: Connected System Cables for SMATIC S7-300
Channel: 1 x 32 Channels can be Connected
Product Type: Front Adapters
  • General
    Ambient temperature (operation): -20 °C ... 50 °C
    Ambient temperature (storage/transport): -20 °C ... 70 °C
    Channels which can be connected: 32
    Connection type, plug connector: IDC/FLK socket strip (2.54 mm)
    Max. permissible current: 1 A (per path)
    No. of positions, plug connector: 50
    Nominal voltage U<sub>N</sub>: < 50 V AC
    Nominal voltage U<sub>N</sub>: 60 V DC
    Note: Analog I/O cards: To avoid short-circuits, all bridges must be removed! No voltage supply may be supplied to the front adapter!
    Note: Digital I/O cards: The front adapter is delivered non-isolated. By removing the bridges, electrical isolation (in groups of 8) can be obtained.
    Number of plug connectors: 1
    Pollution degree: 2
    Rated surge voltage / insulation: 0.8 kV
    Standards/regulations: IEC 60664
    Standards/regulations: IEC 62103
    Standards/regulations: DIN EN 50178
    Surge voltage category: III
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