2318114 - Phoenix Contact Round Cable Set

Cable Round shielded cable set, with two 16-pos. socket strips (1:1 connection), length: 10 m

Part #: 2318114
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Phoenix Contact Round Cable Set

Cable Length: 10.0 M
Cable End 1: 16-pos. Socket Strip
Connection: 1:1 Connection
Cable Type: Shielded Cable Set
Cable End 2: 16-pos. Socket Strip
Signal Converters Products : Interface Cabling
Product Type: Round Cable Set
  • General
    Ambient temperature (operation): -20 °C ... 50 °C
    Ambient temperature (storage/transport): -20 °C ... 70 °C
    AWG: 26
    Cable, preassembly: Insulation displacement, IEC 60352-4/DIN EN 60352-4
    Conductor construction: Number of litz wires:: 7
    External diameter: 7.5 mm
    Length of cable: 10 m
    Max. conductor resistance: 0.16 ?/m
    Max. current carrying capacity per path: 1 A
    Nominal voltage U<sub>N</sub>: < 50 V AC
    Nominal voltage U<sub>N</sub>: 60 V DC
    Shielding: yes
    Shielding: Tinned copper-braided shield, approx. 85% covering
    Single wire, cross section: 0.14 mm²
    Single wire, material: Cu tin-plated
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