1961892 - Phoenix Contact Base Strip

Base strip Header, Nominal current: 8 A, Rated voltage (III/2): 160 V, Number of positions: 9, Pitch: 3.5 mm, Color: Black, Contact surface: Tin, Assembly: SMD/THT/THR, Two-in-one ¿ Pin strips must always be made up of a left (L) and a right (R) segment. Please allow for the corresponding counterpart from the accessories to complete the THR pin strip. User information and design recommendations on Through Hole Reflow Technology can be found at:

Part #: 1961892
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Phoenix Contact Base Strip

Color: Black
Pitch: 3.5 MM
Rated Voltage: 160 V
Assembly: SMD/THT/THR
Type: Header
Positions: 9
Nominal Current: 8 A
Contact Type: Surface: Tin
Product Type: Base Strip
Contact type: Surface: Tin
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