1779394 - Phoenix Contact Printed-Circuit Board Connector

Printed-circuit board connector Header, Nominal current: 8 A, Rated voltage (III/2): 160 V, Number of positions: 3, Pitch: 3.5 mm, Color: Black, Contact surface: Tin, Assembly: Taped SMD/THT/THR components, User information and design recommendations on through hole reflow technology can be found at:

Part #: 1779394
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Phoenix Contact Printed-Circuit Board Connector

Color: Black
Positions: 3
Nominal Current: 8 A
Rated Voltage: 160 V
Type: Header
Contact Type: Surface: Tin
Assembly: Taped SMD/THT/THR
Pitch: 3.5 MM
Product Type: Printed-Circuit Board Connector
Contact type: Surface: Tin
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