1680940 - Phoenix Contact Sensor/Actuator Box

Sensor/actuator box Sensor/actuator box, Connection method: M12 female connector Plastic, Number of slots: 4, Number of positions: 4, Slot assignment: Single, Status indication: No, Universal; Master cable connection: Fixed connection 180°, PUR/PVC, Cable length: 5 m, Shielding: No

Part #: 1680940
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Phoenix Contact Sensor/Actuator Box

Material: Outer Sheath: PUR, Inner Sheath: PVC
Slot Assignment: Single
Master Cable Connection: Fixed Connection 180°
Shielding: No
Slots: 4
Status Indication: No, Universal
Connector Type: M12 Female Connector Plastic
Cable Length: 5.0 M
Positions: 4
Cable Type: PUR/PVC
Product Type: Sensor/Actuator Box
  • General data
    Ambient temperature (operation): -25 °C ... 75 °C
    Current carrying capacity per I/O signal: 2 A
    Current carrying capacity per slot: 4 A
    Degree of protection: IP65/67
    Inflammability class according to UL 94: V0
    Max. operating voltage U<sub>max</sub>: 135 V
    Number of positions: 4
    Number of slots: 4
    Rated voltage: 120 V
    Sensor/actuator connection system: M12 female connector
    Total rated current: 12 A
  • Insulation material
    Contact carrier material: PA
    Contact material: CuSn
    Contact surface material: Ni/Au
    Housing material: PA
    Material of threaded sleeve: PA
    Material, O-ring: NBR
  • Master cable data
    Ambient temperature (operation): -40 °C ... 90 °C (for fixed installation)
    Ambient temperature (operation): -5 °C ... 80 °C (for flexible installation)
    AWG power supply: 18
    AWG signal line: 22
    Bending radius: 90 mm
    Cable type: Master cable suitable for flexible cable conduit
    Conductor structure signal line: 42x 0.10 mm
    Conductor structure, voltage supply: 96x 0.10 mm
    Connection method: Fixed connection
    External diameter: 8.7 mm
    Length of cable: 5 m
    Max. bending cycles: 1500000
    Power supply cross section: 3x 0.75 mm²
    Signal line cross section: 4x 0.34 mm²
    Traversing path: 2 m
    Traversing rate: 2 m/s
  • Pin assignment
    Slot/position = Wire color or connection: 1 / 4 (A) = WH
    Slot/position = Wire color or connection: 2 / 4 (A) = GN
    Slot/position = Wire color or connection: 3 / 4 (A) = YE
    Slot/position = Wire color or connection: 4 / 4 (A) = GY
    Slot/position = Wire color or connection: 1-4 / 1 (+ 120 V) = BN
    Slot/position = Wire color or connection: 1-4 / 3 (0 V) = BU
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