1605518 - Phoenix Contact Rear Panel Feed-Through

Rear panel feed-through Rear panel feed-through, straight long, Screw locking, M23, Number of positions: 5+PE, Type of contact: Male connector, Crimp connection, Axial O-ring, 4xM3, Shielded: Yes, Cable cross section: 7.5 mm-18 mm

Part #: 1605518
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Phoenix Contact Rear Panel Feed-Through

Includes: Axial O-Ring
Positions: 5+PE
Connection: Crimp Connection
Connector Type: Male Connector, Straight Long, M23
Cross Section: 7.5 - 18.0 mm
Mounting: 4xM3
Shielding: Yes
Locking: Screw Locking
Product Type: Rear Panel Feed-Through
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