1560811 - Phoenix Contact Assembled Cable

Bus system cable Bus system cable, Ethernet, 4-position, PUR halogen-free, water blue RAL 5021, shielded, Plug straight M12, D-coded, on Plug straight M12, D-coded, Cable length: 17 m, Crossover

Part #: 1560811
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Phoenix Contact Assembled Cable

Color: Water Blue
Material: Outer Sheath: PUR
Cable Length: 17.0 M
Cable Type: Bus System Cable, Ethernet
Positions: 4
Cable End 1: Plug Straight, M12
Cable End 2: On Plug Straight, M12
Shielding: Yes
Coding: D-Coded
Signal Type: Ethernet CAT5, Ethernet CAT5e
Product Type: Assembled Cable
  • Conductor data
    Ambient temperature (operation): -20 °C ... 70 °C (cable, fixed installation)
    Ambient temperature (operation): 0 °C ... 50 °C (cable, flexible installation)
    AWG signal line: 24
    Cable type: Ethernet
    Cable weight: 54 kg/km
    Conductor cross section: 0.25 mm²
    Conductor material: Bare Cu litz wires
    Conductor resistance: 84 m?/m
    Conductor structure signal line: 7x 0.20 mm
    Core diameter including insulation: 1.4 mm
    External cable diameter: 8.00 mm
    External sheath, color: water blue RAL 5021
    Insulation resistance: 5 G?*km
    Interference suppression: 90 dB (Up to 1000 MHz)
    Material conductor insulation: Cell PE
    Nominal voltage, conductor: 125 V
    Optical shield covering: 65 %
    Outer sheath, material: PUR
    Overall twist: 2 cores with 2 fillers to the core
    Shield attenuation: 60 dB (Up to 1000 MHz)
    Shielding: Braided shielding made of galvanized copper wires
    Signal runtime: 46 ns/m
    Signal speed: 0.72 c
    Smallest bending radius, fixed installation: min. 40 mm
    Smallest bending radius, movable installation: min. 40 mm
    Test voltage, conductor: 1000 V
    Twisted pairs: 2 cores to the pair
    Type of pair shielding: Aluminum-lined polyester foil
    Wave impedance: 100 ? ±5%
    Wire colors: White-green, white-orange
    Working capacitance: 42.5 pF
  • General characteristics
    Contact carrier material: PA 66
    Contact material: CuSn
    Contact surface material: Ni/Au
    Degree of protection: IP65/IP67/IP69K
    Insertion/withdrawal cycles: ? 100
    Material of grip body: TPU, hardly inflammable, self-extinguishing
    Material, knurls: Zinc die-cast, nickel-plated
    Pollution degree: 3
    Sealing material: NBR
    Status display: No
    Surge voltage category: II
  • General data
    Ambient temperature (operation): -25 °C ... 90 °C (Male connector / female connector)
    Insulation resistance: ? 100 M?
    Length of cable: 17 m
    Number of positions: 4
    Rated current at 40°C: 4 A
    Rated voltage: 60 V
    Volume resistance: ? 5 m?
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