1418167 - Phoenix Contact Assembled Cable

Patch cable Patch cable, CAT5e, 4-pair, shielded, line, assembled at both ends with angled RJ45/IP20 heads, length: 5 m

Part #: 1418167
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Phoenix Contact Assembled Cable

Material: Outer Sheath: PUR
Shielding: Yes
Signal Type: Ethernet CAT5, Ethernet CAT5e
Cable Type: Patch Cable
Twist: 4-Pair
Cable End 2: RJ45/IP20 Angled Head
Cable End 1: RJ45/IP20 Angled Head
Cable Length: 5.0 M
Product Type: Assembled Cable
  • Electrical characteristics
    Number of positions: 8
    Transmission characteristics (category): CAT5 (IEC 11801:2002), CAT5e (TIA 568B:2001)
  • Material data
    Degree of protection: IP20
    External sheath, color: water blue RAL 5021
    Outer sheath, material: PUR
  • Mechanical characteristics
    Ambient temperature (operation): -10 °C ... 50 °C (Flexibly installed)
    Ambient temperature (operation): -25 °C ... 60 °C (fixed routing)
    Cable structure: 4x2xAWG26/7; S-UTP
    Length of cable: 5 m
    Number of positions: 8
    Smallest bending radius, fixed installation: 50 mm
    Smallest bending radius, movable installation: 62 mm
    Type of cable: Round cable
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