0816595 - Phoenix Contact Marker

Marker for terminal blocks Marker for terminal blocks, Roll, red, Unlabeled, Can be labeled with: Thermomark R, Thermomark X, Thermomark S, Unperforated, Mounting type: Snap into universal marker groove, Snap into flat marker groove, Lettering field: 6.35 x 101.5 mm

Part #: 0816595
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Phoenix Contact Marker

Color: Red
Marking/Labeling Type: Marker for Terminal Blocks
Type: Unperforated
Mounting: Snap into Universal Marker Groove, Flat Marker Groove
Labeled/Marked With: Unlabeled
Can Be Labeled/Marked With: Thermomark R, Thermomark X, Thermomark S
Lettering Field: 6.35 x 101.5 MM
Sold/Ordered By: Roll
Marking Equipment Products: Device Marking
Panel Components Products: Marking Equipment
Product Type: Marker
  • General
    Ambient temperature (operation): -40 °C ... 120 °C
    Base element material: Polyester foil
    Color: red
    Components: free from silicone and halogen
    Height: 6.4 mm
    Length (b): 6.35 mm
    Width (a): 101.5 mm
    Wipe resistance: DIN EN 61010-1 (VDE 0411-1)
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