0710099 - Phoenix Contact Base Strip

Base strip Plug component, Nominal current: 12 A, Rated voltage (III/2): 320 V, Number of positions: 9, Pitch: 5 mm, Connection method: Solder/Slip-on connection, Color: green, Contact surface: Tin, Assembly: Direct mounting

Part #: 0710099
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Phoenix Contact Base Strip

Color: Green
Type: Plug Component
Positions: 9
Nominal Current: 12 A
Connection: Solder/Slip-on Connection
Contact Type: Surface: Tin
Pitch: 5.0 MM
Rated Voltage: 320 V
Assembly: Direct Mounting
Product Type: Base Strip
Contact type: Surface: Tin
  • Connection data
    Conductor cross section AWG/kcmil max: 12
    Conductor cross section AWG/kcmil min.: 24
    Conductor cross section solid max.: 2.5 mm²
    Conductor cross section solid min.: 0.2 mm²
    Conductor cross section stranded max.: 2.5 mm²
    Conductor cross section stranded min.: 0.2 mm²
  • Dimensions / positions
    Dimension a: 40 mm
    Number of positions: 9
    Pitch: 5 mm
  • Technical data
    Connection in acc. with standard: EN-VDE
    Dimensions of slip-on connection: 2,8 x 0,8 mm
    Inflammability class according to UL 94: V2
    Insulating material: PA
    Insulating material group: I
    Max. current slip-on connection: 8 A
    Maximum load current: 12 A
    Nominal cross section: 2.5 mm²
    Nominal current I<sub>N</sub>: 12 A
    Nominal voltage U<sub>N</sub>: 320 V
    Range of articles: DFK-MSTB 2,5/..-GF
    Rated surge voltage (II/2): 4 kV
    Rated surge voltage (III/2): 4 kV
    Rated surge voltage (III/3): 4 kV
    Rated voltage (II/2): 630 V
    Rated voltage (III/2): 320 V
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